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Monday, July 27, 2009

Is 7-Eleven HipHops' New Vitamin Water

July 27, 2009

Dear HipHop Fam. I could not let this opportunity pass by without sharing it with you all. Could 7-Eleven be the next Vitamin Water and make you rich? Well, it could be a start.
Those who know me personally know that I love to broker sweet real estate and loan deals for my friends as a hobby. So when I saw that 7-Elevens' plans to add 600 stores over the next seven years to its franchise...let's just say I saw dollar signs and tons of opportunity.

We all know 50 cent brokered a sweet deal with Vitamin Water that netted him a cool chunk of change. So I began to wonder: is 7-Eleven one of the next big wave hitting commerical real estate, especially while there are so many deals out there? Is the Tokyo-based Seven & I Holdings Co. using California as its test market? And if it succeed, then will they move to different parts of the US, swallowing up real estate like Wal-Mart? The wheels are turning and the dollar signs are adding up.
You do the math.

A few years back some friends and I inquired about starting up a 7-Eleven in San Diego. The start up costs for the area were roughly $50K, which does not include the staff of seven to ten people, stocking the shelves and of course the real estate. So at that time, it was about $1 to $2 million to start. But now with commerical real estate tanking over the last three years and landlords are begging for credible tenants, that drastically lowers the price and opens the doors for some really cheap and creative financing.

So if you're willing to work long hours or go into business with someone (as there are no absentee owners allowed) and front the start up cash, you can buy into a $43 billion, 7-Eleven franchise that's only growing in this recession! This just might be your ticket out of the recession.
Stay tuned...

It's just Mia. Enjoy your day! Namaste.

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