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Friday, July 24, 2009

Karma Hits British Bonnie & Clyde Couple

Couple Steals Luxury Boat Only to Die of Starvation On It

July 24, 2009

I would have filed this under my Funny Fridays' section, but because lives were lost...I didn't. So you be the judge; but it definitely should make one of those dumbest criminal ever shows or something. Now tell me if this isn't the best case of karma. A British couple nicknamed "Bonnie & Clyde" goes on a stealing spree, get caught, goes to jail only to jump bail and steal a 33ft. luxury yacht...THAT NEITHER OF THEM KNOWS HOW TO WORK!!

After four weeks of living "la vida loca" of champagne and cocaine filled nights, Peter Clarke and Sharon Arthurs-Chegini realized they were running out of food and water but didn't make the connection to get help or figured they'd get caught doing it... or something in their drunken-coke filled hazy obviously just didn't click. So death made more sense than risking getting a drive-up cocktail and shrimp platter? WTF? Seriously, ya'll! Am I the only one that sees this? You mean to tell me that on a luxury yacht they didn't even think to do the most basic thing and catch freaking fish and cook it!?! There are plenty of locations where you can just drive up, get what you need and pull off all while enjoying the ocean and never leaving your boat!!! I've done it. Come on!

But I should file this under God can take care of things a lot faster than man...thus karma.

Well how does this relate to HipHop? I see a lot of folks in the industry flossing things they don't have or have and don't know how to use. Before ya get rich-or do something stupid to look rich-ya might want to know what ya doing!!! Not everybody can be "Bonnie & Clyde" or 50 cents for that matter!

It's just Mia and I thought'd make ya laugh and think! If you're gonna do something stupid like steal, at least don't let it kill in the heck are you even enjoy it? DUH?!? Think before you act and be ya-self!!!


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