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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


WHO'S HOT? Michael Jackson
WHY: For Those Still Questioning He is the Undisputed King of Pop, Just See his Digital Download!

We all lost an icon on June 25, 2009. I remember the phone call from a friend BEFORE the public announcement. I was in shock. I cried. How could he play such a cruel joke. But he didn't know, like many of us , I hid a secret. We all are and were "in-the-closet" Michael Jackson fans, period. As children, we ran to his music as an escape. As adults we loved it but held it close to our hearts for fear of ridicule from others. Now we just don't give a DAMN! We are saying it Loud and Proud: WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON! AND YOU WILL BE MISSED!

What we gained in his passing was honesty without selves and the world. We were forced to recognize something remarkable in the love we shared for MJ. We saw that all he ever wanted to do was to "Heal the World" through music. Arguably, he has...we're just still realizing it. He is and was a remarkable individual.

So Michael Jackson is WHO'S HOT! Because unlike Camllionaire, Wayne's "The Carter III," Beyonce, Jay-Z or anyone else who blasted out of the digital gates, no one can touch his numbers not past or present, not living or dead. Like his life, many doubted his abilities and questioned his motives. All while sampling his music, dances and styles. Who can top that even at his death he was waging a comeback tour that many doubted and questioned only to die and completely dominate the world?

He reigns as the King of Pop! Period. He is the ONLY individual to sell 2.5 million digital downloads in the first few days of his passing. Before this, no one had 1 million digital sells in one week. Now he's doing it in record sells, too. Once the shelves were restocked at retail stores, he sold some 800,000 in the first week of his passing! And the numbers keep climbing.

Not Elvis Presley! Not Tony Bennet! Not Barry Manilow! Not Barbra Streisand! Not Camillionaire! Not Lil Wayne! Not Jay-Z! Not Beyonce!

NO ONE has ever done this!

So if anyone who took a small shutter, or a deep breathe when asked, "Are you a Michael Jackson fan?" and"Why?" "Tell'em that it's human nature" and hell, step back and then just let the numbers speak for themselves. MJ broke records with Thriller some 25 years ago, now let's see if any artist can dare to step up to his challenge!

Now That's Who's BAD! & Who's Hot!
Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity


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