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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WHO'S NOT! Health Insurers CAN DENY Premiums to Donors

WHO'S NOT: Health Insurers CAN DENY Premiums to Donors
Why: We Need Encouragement for Acts of Kindness, Not Punishment

July 15, 2009

Did anyone see the article in the L.A. Times, "Organ Donors Run Risk of Being Denied Health Coverage." WTF? You mean I can actually be DENIED health coverage if I donate a kidney to my mom or sister? Yes. Your act of compassion can be perceived as a "preexisting condition" resulting in "higher premiums or denial." Just ask Patricia Abdullah who donated a kidney to an acquaintance a few years back, lost her job and is now seeking individual health insurance but keeps getting denied for this very reason.

Consumers are simply not informed. Instead of specifying exactly how the donation would affect the policy, Health insurers are just silent on the issue. They are cautiously quiet as to not be perceived as an obstacle to organ donation, but HELLO! how many of us can donate an organ and receive the proper follow up care without insurance? Why should the act of giving life leave the donors' life hanging in the balance? Isn't the procedure risky enough for all involved? At the very least, wouldn't this be prudent information to make an informed decision on health coverage for your family?

The article goes on to list good rewards one should receive for donating an organ, that are all an agreeable start. Yet, "At the very least, law makers should require that insurers notify policyholders that donating an organ could result in higher rates or at least a reduced coverage." Yeah, at the very least...

Please give me your thoughts on the issue. And of course, if you are a donor check out the policy you currently hold.

Peace, Blessings & Prosperity,


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