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Saturday, August 8, 2009

WT*? MMA Fighter Allowed to Fight After Testing Positive

August 8, 2009

Dear HipHop Fam,
Who said sports were safe?

Yesterday Al Joslin confirmed that one of the competitors was allowed to fight in a March 7 bout in Tulare, CA despite having tested positive for Hepatitis C and not having HIV results on file. He said he learned of it about a week ago when he was leaked a copy of a memo stating this fact. Who's responsible for disclosing this information? The California State Athletic Commission is responsible for clearing all boxing in the state, and that includes MMA fights.

The memo was date July 22 a full 20 days after the fight and it did not identify the fighter, instead it urged for those who had contact to get tested and "was written to protect the commission, rather than doing something about the fighter," Joslin said.

It's just Mia and is anyone disturbed about this besides me?

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  1. You would think that checking for DAT VIRUS(as we call it in New Orleans)would be at the top of the MMA'S list.This is a true BLOODSPORT


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