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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tasty Pastry: Vanessa & Angela Simmon Are Who's Hot!

September 2, 2009

Dear Hip Hop Fam,

Looks like our darlin girls, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, have grown up to full fledged successful, business moguls and by their actions wonderful role models for youngsters worldwide.

With so many running from the responsibility that comes with the title "role model," the Simmons sisters have instead embraced it by walking the walking and talking the talk. They started their own company, Pastry. Have a television show, "Daddy's Girls." Are not involved in scandals. Support their family and loved ones. Gosh! The list goes on and on!

To me their best accomplishments was becoming the spokeswomen for Girl Scout Cookies; an organization that only desegregated in 1956. I mean who's signing up for "role-model" positions? Last I recall, people were running from this responsibility. Besides leading very positive and successful business lives, they strive to show young women how to "act lady-like" by scrutinizing all published images of themselves, remaining private in their personal lives and out of the lime light for whatever reasons, unless it is for business or to help another out.

I mean how many times have you lost the gleam in your star when you realized the celebrity you were start-struck over was a complete utter mess? We don't know much about them outside of what they want us to know and they guard their lives as if it was their life, cause it is! What a breathe of fresh air!!!

OK. OK. Yes, we know Angela dated the rapper Bow Wow (now Shad Moss) for a minute as was reported in "Take Your Family Back: A Challenge To American Parents," written by their parents Joseph and Justine Simmons. For all the right reasons, that is all we know! We've seen them at press events together, supporting one anothers' work--and of course all smiles not animosity. Now what celebrity break-up have you seen that has been as mature?

Surprisingly, the quiet shy-one, Vanessa leaked on their show "Daddy's Girls" that she is dating Mike Wayans, the son of successful comedian Damon Wayans. Their relationship has been private for years and now is moving towards marriage, that's only why we found out about it.

My point is this: with everyone dating everyone and everyone in everyone's business, for good or bad, these young ladies to have it together and very well. Now they've combined their sweet efforts with the 1912 Girl Scout's Organization and became spokeswomen! America has a sweet tooth for the Simmons' ladies and for all the right reasons.

So tune-out the negativity of others and stay tune-in to their positiveness! It's just Mia and these are my thoughts.


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