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Friday, October 2, 2009

Part 3: Where Do You Stand? KRS-One Asks, "Are You Free or Have You Been Freed?"

Music Success:

Boogie Down Productions:
1987 Criminal Minded
1988 By All Means Necessary
1989 Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop
1990 Edutainment
1991 Live Hardcore Worldwide
1992 Sex and Violence

Solo Albums:
1993 Return of the Boom Bap
1995 KRS-One
1997 I Got Next
2000A Retrospective
2001 The Sneak Attack
2001 Strickly for Da Breakdancers & Emceez
2002 Spiritual Minded
2002 The Mix Tape
2003 Kristyles
2003 D.I.G.I.T.A.L.
2004 Keep Right
2006 Life
2008 Adventures in Emceein
2008 Maximum Strength

Collaborative Albums:

2007 Hip Hop Lives Marley Marl
2009 Survival Skills Buckshot
2009 The Teacha & The Student Pee-Doe
2009 Power To The B-Boyz Jay-Roc & Jakebeatz
TBA Royalty Check Freddie Foxxx

Records sold: Not published

Why Do Platinum Artist Flee Underground?

Lawrence Krishna Parker, a.k.a. KRS-One, never entered the music industry as a commercialized artist. Instead he is determine to remain a "raw HipHop" artist as his goal from the very start. He claims a spot in this series because he has earned the authority to say that he is "The Greatest Emcee of All Times." Who dare challenge him? What emcee has done as much for HipHop as he, even without the publicized record sales? He has written numerous records, had roles in numerous movies, written four books-including The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument-a spiritual guide to HipHop, taught at prestigious universities across the world and yet it was hard to find just one single statistic showing his musical sales. KRS-One does not conform to the music industries standards, period. And has proven he is still very relevant to the culture and music of HipHop today.

Here is the answer in his words...

"You cannot be rich and continue to produce raw HipHop...The youth today, the majority, are not seeking authenticity because the society in which they live doesn't ask them to be authentic. It ask them to be other people. To model roles. It ask them to do that. It doesn't ask them to be themselves. Because there are consequences to being yourself. So our young people don't be themselves. And as a result, they follow whatever trend is out there. And as a result, hopefully, you follow a good trend that last. But if you follow a lot of those trends, they don't last." ~Interview with RealTalkNY

Interview with RealBlack Tv February 2007

Quote taken from video:

Monica Medina: In Your song HipHop Lives, you have a verse that says: 'Every year I get newer/I'm the dust on the moon/I'm the trash in the sewer!' Explain to the audience the message you're trying to convey.

KRS-One: It's funny you picked that verse out of all verses. I'm trying to say that HipHop lives. 'I'm the dust on the moon!' means I'm star stuff. You know what it is? I can walk up to you and say 'Peace God' or 'What up my nigga!' [pausing] The controversial 'N-Word.' But we realize HipHop is all of it. HipHop is high scholarship and the lowest-based ignorance you can possibly image. 'I'm the dust on the moon! I'm the trash in the sewer!' I am the middle part,'I come back ever year and get newer/I'm the dust on the moon' I'm tryna say I'm all of it. Don't just look at me as a conscious rapper or a gangster rapper or a pimp or this or that. I'm all of it. When you say HipHop, we are all of it. All of us play a role. All of it makes everything else relevant. KRS-One would not be relevant if it wasn't for Snoop Dogg. Because everyone would say, 'That's regular KRS-One.' I would be the norm and that would be that. But because there is a Young Jeezy and a T.I. and a Snoop and all the gangsters and pimps out there doing their thing, and Bless their souls, KRS-One is able to shine. And so are they. Because the audience gets diversity. The same culture that produces Lil Kim, produces Lauryn Hill. What a Culture to be in? This is the coolest movement on Earth!

In a four part interview with Alex Jones in Austin Texas 2009:

KRS-One: We need to become 'free' people again.' Not 'freed people.' I'll say it again. We need to be 'free people' not 'freed' people. Just because we have an Emancipation Procrastination, does not mean we are actually free. What makes you free is your declaration within that you are free. If someone else can give you freedom, they can also take it away. When a lot of people were not free in America, Harriet Tubman was free. [laughing] Frederick Douglas was free. Nat Turner was free. So the point of the matter is this: Are You Free or Have You Been Freed?
Alex Jones: [barely audible] ...and the evil people actually respected the folks that stood to them...[inaudible] But what you said on the radio about their being grounded and you're dominate. [sic]
KRS-One: That's the point. Power looks for weakness.[a pause] Power looks for weakness. If you're standing firm and you say, 'I know the law. Not just the law of the land or sea. But I know the law. I know that justice...[thinking] I know that nature is just.' And if you're unnatural, out of nature, imbalanced yourself, the real war is not me against you. It's endurance. I'm going to out endure you. [in a laughing growl] The evil people trick themselves up trying to chase the righteous. It's when the righteous come out of their square and into their world and try to fight.
Alex Jones: When we start swinging, they didn't intend for us to fall in, but we gotta set it in motion.

KRS-One: Right. Say no. Just resist. Matter of fact, don't even recognize their authority. When you recognize their authority they got you....Seek peace. Stop the violence. Restore women to their rightful place in society...Nature is set up this way: Nature puts out a trillion sperm to fertilize one egg. What I say to my youth is: Are You The One? Maybe everyone in your class is bugging out. Your whole school maybe on fire with kids wild and carrying guns. But Are You The One? Nature has way with abundance. It puts out a lot of stuff looking for the one. So if you are gonna go along with the trend of 'let's just kill each other.' 'Let's disrespect each other.' Then you're part of nature's plan, as well. To be part of the excess. But if you think more of yourself than just being the excess, you'll do more for yourself. Are You The One? Everybody's not going to make it. But you have an opportunity to save yourself. Me? I'm a high school dropout. I left high school in eight grade. I got tired of them lying to me. I educated myself in the Brooklyn Public Library. Now I teach at Harvard and Yale. I just came from England. We taught at Oxford University. It doesn't matter what credential you have. The truth shall set you free!"
Where do you stand? Are you "free" or have you just been "freed?"
It's just Mia, and this are my thoughts.

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