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Friday, December 18, 2009

Your Thoughts on HipHop: GO DJ EFCuttin says, "Money Has Screwed Up the Industry!"

As you have probably figured, this series on HipHop is gonna take us pretty far. How far and where, well that is entirely up to you. We will cover topics that you would have never, ever imaged were connected to HipHop. Then show you how much HipHop is woven into the very fabric of our American life, arguebly of the world. Don't sit back! Speak up! Get intrigued! And get your opinon out! In the process, I hope to get you lifted!!!

I was Blessed again, by a good friend who you all may know as EF Cuttin. I got to know him as Thomas Edwards. The real man behind GO DJ EFCuttin, who cracks crazy ass jokes on folks and keeps it all too real on Twitter. Get at him @EFCuttin, he will make ya laugh while expanding ya mind. Please enjoy this real education from someone who's been out there, beatin the streets with the rest and best of 'em.

Here is EF Cuttin's "Thoughts on HipHop," in his own words...


mia: What is your stage name? What is your government name?
GO DJ EFCuttin: my stage name is E.F.Cuttin. My govt. is Thomas Edwards.
mia: Is the music industry your primary job?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Yes it is...
mia: In the music industry, who do you work for? Or are you independent?
GO DJ EFCuttin: I'm affiliated with PCO Ent and the Go DJs, but I'm my own boss.
mia: If you are a DJ, producer, writer or an artist what is your content?
GO DJ EFCuttin: I'm a DJ/ content is varied, many different styles/genres...
mia: How long have you been in this profession?
GO DJ EFCuttin: I started DJing 4 real in 1983, I've made it my full time gig in 2005.
mia: What is your relationship with HipHop and music in general?
GO DJ EFCuttin: I feel I'm part of the 1st generation of this culture so Hip Hop is near and dear 2 me. I've been around music all my life and always had a record and record players.
mia: What is HipHop to you?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Hip Hop is the act of taking nothing/very little and making something very special in spite of your situation. An alternative 2 the street life that was claiming our youth...
mia: Do you think HipHop has a purpose and what?
GO DJ EFCuttin: It did once. We used HipHop 2 augment the education system by telling of accomplishments of people of color, something barely mentioned in "history" books.

mia: Are you influenced by HipHop and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Definitely. The raw passion and energy of hip hop is the fountain of youth. The DIY work ethic showed me I dont have 2 conform 2 be successful in life.
mia: When do you think HipHop was born?
GO DJ EFCuttin: 1973, when Kool Herc was rocking park jams in the BX...
mia: What is your understanding of the birth of HipHop as a music genre?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Hip Hop started out as the DJ rocking the breaks while B-Boys and girls got down.The MC was added 2 hype the DJ and do call & response...We started rapping over the breaks and it just skyrocketed...
mia: How often to you think about HipHop?
GO DJ EFCuttin: It's my job, my love, my life...
mia: How long do you think HipHop will be around?
GO DJ EFCuttin: That's a hard long as we elders continue 2 take an active role and are willing 2 teach,and the youth are willing 2 learn, then it'll be here 4ever...
mia: Do you remember the first HipHop song you heard?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Rappers Delight in '79...I was 9 years old and my older brother was playin it...I was sold ever since.
mia: How did it make you feel?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Like something big and new was about 2 happen...
mia: What are your 3 most favorite HipHop songs and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: (no order) 1) Eric B & Rakim-The Rhyme Goes On-sheer lyrical domination. 2) Nas-The World Is Yours-pure ear candy 3) Blu & Exile - My World Is - Great music 4rm Gen Next...
mia: Who is your favorite HipHop artist and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: 2 part answer...Current fave-Curren$y. Not even using bias, his output in the past 2 years is just phenomenal...All Time: Masta Ace. He makes incredible, thought out albums...period.
mia: Who is your least favorite HipHop artist and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: 2 many 2 name, but I'll start with Gucci Mane, Ron Browz, Webstar, OJ Da Juiceman, and the like...
mia: Do you think Rap and HipHop are the same and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: They are but they're not...Hip Hop is the parent, rap is the youngest child in the family...
mia: What, if any, would you change about HipHop?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Restore balance. Hammer was garbage IMO, but he had zero effect on my listening because I had options like NWA, PE, Cypress Hill, DeLa, etc on the we're stuck with LOL Smiley face 24/7...
mia: Do you think HipHop is used positively or negatively, and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Both...It is used positively when it informs,offers up solutions,and uplifts. Sadly though the powers that be in the broadcast business are not interested in any form of uplift...So we get inundated with tales glamorizing criminal activity, irresponsible sexuality,and overall hopelessness...

mia: Why do you think most HipHop videos and songs are filled with stunting, sexism and violence?
GO DJ EFCuttin: This incarnation we have right now is straight Rock N Roll. So celebrations of excess,  which in fact attracts women, are what we have. However, when U flaunt riches in the face of those less fortunate, the seeds 4 violent confrontation are sown...
mia: Why do people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds like HipHop?
GO DJ EFCutitin: There's something in it 4 everybody...
mia: Do you think HipHop is a global industry and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: No doubt...Goes back 2 the last question...HipHop is the pulse of the street, and the youth worldwide embraced it...
mia: Do you think HipHop is a commodity, and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Yes it is. Because corporations know they can reach certain demographics simply by using HipHop in their advertising...
mia: What do you think when you hear of people in third-world countries, bumping HipHop?
GO DJ EFCuttin: I love it, shows doubters they were in fact clueless 2 the power of this artform...
mia: Do you think HipHop transcends all languages, cultures and boundaries, and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Yes, because good thought provoking music and having fun knows no boundaries...
mia: Why is HipHop used worldwide to advertise a wide variety of commodities?
GO DJ EFCuttin: HipHop is the voice of the youth, the hip, and the cool. Thats who corporations always want buying their products...

mia: Do you think HipHop has a negative perception in the media, and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Because the media's job is 2 report the negative...good news doesn't garner ratings...also we do have some dummies out here doing dumb stuff...
mia: Do you think HipHop is under attack, if so why and by what?
GO DJ EFCuttin: HipHop has been under attack ever since it's birth. The older heads said it was noise and wouldn't last. 36 yrs. later it's still here. Now they want ppl 2 think the Jail Culture you have now is HipHop related...
mia: Do you think a person can stay conscious and achieve platinum success?
GO DJ EFCuttin: It is possible, but very difficult in 2day's "dark ages"...
mia: Why do you think is it more difficult for conscious artists to cross over?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Not 2 sound sexist, but women control this music. The main reason we have "club songs" are 4 the ladies. Ladies are not tryin 2 hear "Brown Skin lady" in the club, they can't shake their ass 2 it. Concious artists also have 2 meet the ladies halfway, put thought provoking lyrics over a danceable beat...
mia: Why do you think it is more difficult for a platinum artist to produce content of value and keep the support of their labels and radio stations?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Radio stations are not here 4 the music anymore. Strictly advertising driven now, labels are more interested in gettin into your pockets has screwed up the industry...
mia: Did you or have you ever paid (or received money) to have a song played on the radio/TV? If so, do you think it is right or wrong, a necessity or not and why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: No. It is wrong because the PD is putting his selfish needs ahead of ensuring the quality of his product. It shouldn't be a necessity, but sadly, it is.
mia: What is your opinion of the “Where Do You Stand: Why Platinum Artists Flee Underground?” series? Have you joined WHWN’s blog, if not why?
GO DJ EFCuttin: Very informative and enlightening. I'm joining 2day :-)
mia: Why did you take out time to complete the survey?
GO DJ EFCuttin: It was an honor 2 be asked 2 participate.
mia: It was my honor, thanks...Stay Blessed!

It was an honor to kick this series off with another fyre interview...stay tuned. This was GO DJ EF Cuttin in his words, unedited as I always promise to do. We hope you enjoyed.



  1. It's always good to here the thoughts of a Dj on music.Keep doing your thing homie ,shine light on the darkness.



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