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Friday, December 4, 2009

Your Thoughts on HipHop: Mike "Vicious" Trampe of Maad Management

Yeah it's a recession. Yeah, most are pounding two, three jobs and a hustle to get things paid. So I need my fix, my head throbbing But not just any music my: HipHop. What do I want to hear? What do I feel? What's my mood? Shit crap on the air, as usual. Silence is always better.

My mind wonders: Where has HipHop gone?

I mean my Love. You know, the one Erykah and Common sung about in "Love of My Life." It's like that long lost love, that fix, that one thing you just can't get off your mind...why I love, take a breathe, why I feel so close to God and how He gets me up every morning and deal with this everyday stuff. Why it's...Music. HipHop.

Some dear friends Blessed me with their thoughts on HipHop. Mike "Vicious" Trampe was the first. He comes from Philly and straight hooked a sista up! I mean can I ask for more? Here are his thoughts unedited, as I always promise to do. He will surprise you with his honesty, dedication and how well he has gotten his "Star Playa" in order as Katt Williams would say. You gotta go to and find out for yourself. Artists. Advertisment. Honesty. Experience. Just check...

mia (texting): Give me five minutes and I'll call you.
Mike (texting): What you gotta do? Put on make up or sumin for a phone interview? LOL

Shit, I thought nah I'm just nervous. But why am I nervous? I mean nobody's had the guts to do something like this, so why am I nervous? I don't want to come off as an idiot asking lame questions, adding to the slaughter of my dear love, HipHop.

But no. He's cool. He's on our side...the side of HipHop.
This guy is crazy. This is gonna be crazy fun doing this...let's go!

Interview on October 12, 2009

WHWN ASK: What are your Thoughts on HipHop to Mike and these are the answers in his words...

mia: What is your stage name? What is your government name?
Mike: Mike “Vicious” Trampe
mia: Is the music industry your primary job?
Mike: Yes it is
mia: In the music industry, who do you work for? Or are you independent?
Mike: Cheri Media Group (HipHopDx.Com, EvilCollector.Com) I also own my own site (MaadManagement.Com).

mia: How long have you been in this profession?
Mike: 10 Years
mia: What is your relationship with HipHop and music in general?
Mike: HipHop is my first love, my best friend, my job, my profession, my hobby. Music in general is what kept me out of trouble. I owe my life to this artform.

mia: What is HipHop to you?
Mike: HipHop is an artform that brings together all races, religions, ages, etc….Its a way for people to express how they are feeling in poetry/rhyming. HipHop saved my life, kept me out of trouble and is the reason why I get up in the morning with a smile.
mia: Do you think HipHop has a purpose and what?
Mike: Yes, it gives opportunities to people who wouldn’t have them if HipHop was relevant.
mia: Are you influenced by HipHop and why?
Mike: Absolutely, HipHop has made me head in a different direction then a lot of my friends. While my friends were getting locked up, overdosing and getting into trouble I followed my dream and true calling, the hip hop life! I don’t know where I would be without it.
mia: When do you think HipHop was born?
Mike: Its hard to pin point the exact time but I believe around the mid to late 70’s.
mia: What is your understanding of the birth of HipHop as a music genre?
Mike: That it was born in the Bronx in the mid to late 70’s. It was something that caught the music industry by storm. From the drum patterns, to the rhyming and the whole urban culture that came with it.
mia: How often to you think about HipHop?
Mike: 24/7 365, theres not a second that goes by that hip hop isn’t influencing me somehow.
mia: How long do you think HipHop will be around?
Mike: HipHop as an artform and culture will be around forever, it will never die.
mia: Do you remember the first HipHop song you heard?
Mike: I heard a lot when I was younger (im 27 now) but the one that sticks out to me the most was Fresh Prince n Jazzy Jeff “You Saw My Blinker Bitch”
mia: How did it make you feel?
Mike: It made me feel amazed! I couldn’t believe someone could make a song about a car accident and describe it with such graphic details. He painted a story for me like I was in that court room. The language didn’t bother me b/c I feel it was necessary to describe the moment and actions.
mia: What are your 3 favorite HipHop songs and why?
Mike: "They Reminisce Over You" by Pete Rock & CL Smooth - That song is just so powerful, I cant explain the feelings I have when I hear it. "Summertime" By Will Smith & Dj Jazzy Jeff – do I need to explain? It’s the best feeling in the world when you hear that song and its about to be summer time.
"C.R.E.A.M" By Wu Tang Clan – that song started a revolution In hip hop! What a different sound from so many different artists, its classic!

mia: Who is your favorite HipHop artist and why?
Mike: I honestly cant name 1 favorite hip hop artist. There are so many talented artists that I listen too, but there isn’t one that just sticks out to me. Some are: Big L, Eminem, Rakim, Krs-One, Nas, Jay-Z, Big Pun, Royce da 5’9, Buckshot, etc…..
mia: Who is your least favorite HipHop artist and why?
Mike: There are no least favorite hip hop artists, rap artists are a different story! I must say Gucci Mane makes me sick to my stomach! Do I really have to explain? Dude caught a body, has mad jewelry and tats and that makes him a dope artists?? Get outta here!
mia: Do you think Rap and HipHop are the same and why?
Mike: Hell NO! Rap is something you do, Hip Hop is something you live!
mia: What, if any, would you change about HipHop?
Mike: I wish People would still buy albums and support artists! I wish ringtones were never invented, and that people at the labels would find a way to market/promote good music, theres a lane for everything, I cant understand how they cant find one for good substance in hip hop.

mia: Do you think HipHop is used positively or negatively, and why?
Mike: Again, Hip Hop yes b/c people still support the artform and culture. With rap its used negatively, with the jewelry, girls, violence with no lesson at the end, houses, cars. I don’t understand how people can relate to what rappers are saying, b/c I know the majority of the listeners are “balling”. And I know the majority of rappers don’t live the life they rap about either. And with the violence with no lesson at the end, I mean that emcees can tell a tale/story of violence and show their listeners that it’s the wrong path, the bad consequences it can bring. If you just talk about who you shot and how many guns you have how are you helping the youth?

mia: Why do you think most HipHop videos and songs are filled with stunting, sexism and violence?
Mike: Being a white male I have no problem saying this. I believe because the white suburban kids who live a good life see these kinds of things on tv and wanna understand the struggle of the urban communities. They wanna feel like they struggled too. When in reality most of the people struggling wanna get out of that living and live a positive life. The labels feed off of this because the majority of fans buying records are young and white. So what do you expect the artists to do? They are going to make records that the white kids are going to buy, even if they don’t live that life. If you ran a store and everyone kept asking for a certain product wouldn’t u get it and sell it? Even if its not what your store is about? Of course b/c you see the income it could bring in and you want to make that money b4 someone else does. Its pretty simple.
mia: Why do people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds like HipHop?
Mike: See question 6
mia: Do you think HipHop is a global industry and why?
Mike: Yes, b/c everyone in the whole world can relate to feelings, stories, etc in a rhyming fashion. Add in the drums, snares, hi hats, samples etc….Its a undeniable feeling!

mia: Do you think HipHop is a commodity, and why?
Mike: First you gotta understand what commodity means. A commodity is some good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. I mean yea because hip hop is very useful. It can be used to teach, explain, express as well as give thousands of jobs to people in the world.
mia: What do you think when you hear of people in third-world countries, bumping HipHop?
Mike: That’s awesome! Why cant they enjoy such a great art form? Hip Hop is for everyone as long as they represent it correctly.
mia: Do you think HipHop transcends all languages, cultures and boundaries, and why?
Mike: HipHop is a culture so there are no boundaries

mia: Why is HipHop used worldwide to advertise a wide variety of commodities?
Mike: B/c there is such a large demand for HipHop a lot of commodities are seeing that lane to bring in new customers, so they advertise to the HipHop fan base to bring in new money.
mia: Do you think HipHop has a negative perception in the media, and why?
Mike: Yes because the media is too ignorant to see the positive things in HipHop, They take the few negative events/incidents and they just focus on that. They wanna trash us so bad but the media needs HipHop to stay in business.
mia: Do you think HipHop is under attack, if so why and by what?
Mike: I think rap is under attack by the media, certain groups and parents. They see these rappers with guns, money, treating girls disrespectful and they think that this is all we do in this culture. They don’t understand how positive hiphop can be. Again, this all goes back to what the labels want the public to see, so the media just takes aim at whats “popular.”
mia: Do you think a person can stay conscious and achieve platinum success?
Mike: In this day and age no, but they absolutely can and should in my mind. It just takes the label to back them and market them right. Yes a lot of indie artists have gained success but if you don’t have the global marketing behind you (money, staff, etc) you wont see a platinum conscious artist.
mia: Why do you think is it more difficult for conscious artists to cross over?
Mike: Bad marketing, money problems, label backing. If they were put out there correctly they could sell.
mia: Why do you think it is more difficult for a platinum artist to produce content of value and keep the support of their labels and radio stations?
Mike: Because they have to make music for the people buying the records, and at this point the people buying the records wanna hear about girls, jewelry, guns and money. It goes back to question 22.
mia: Did you or have you ever paid (or received money) to have a song played on the radio/TV? If so, do you think it is right or wrong, a necessity or not and why?
Mike: I get offered money everyday to have stuff played, I wont stoop down to that level. I think its wrong b/c you giving the masses content based on money not your true feelings.
mia: What is your opinion of the “Where Do You Stand: Why Platinum Artists Flee Underground?” series? Have you joined WHWN’s blog,, if not why?
Mike: I thought they were very informative and I wish more blogspots would focus on intriguing topics like this. Theres so much video content and no thinking involved in sites nowadays. And I am signing up right now!
mia: Why did you take out time to complete the survey?

Mike: B/C Mia seemed like a real down to earth person who is in this industry b/c she truly cares about it ;D

And he's out!

This is mia and these are Mike's thoughts on HipHop. We hope you enjoyed. Please join the convo, can't wait to hear from ya!


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