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Saturday, April 10, 2010

WHWN Ask What Are Your Thoughts on HipHop? Mun says, "It Seperates Artists & Stops Good Callobos"


It took a few for me to put my thoughts up here because what he said is so true: HipHop separates and it puts great artists together...Run DMC and Areosmith's "Walk This Way" is one of the best examples. I mean, how many great artists haven't performed together because of a beef or label dispute? HipHop has transcended all music to become the one sound or "stuff" that all music tries to emulate.HipHop is deeper than what anyone wants to admit.  It is as shallow as Darwin's gene pool and as deep as The Abyss.

Here is another artist I am proud to call my brotha, who's always keepin it all to real and all too funny at the same time.  Here is Muneco "Mun" Medina, as I always promise to his words unedited or interrupted.  Enjoy!!

mia: What is your stage name?
Mun:  Muneco "Mun" Medina.
mia: Is the music industry your primary job?
Mun: Sure is.
mia:  In the music industry, who do you work for? Or are you independent?
Mun: I'm an artist on Iron Work ent n we are independent.
mia: If you are a DJ, producer, writer or an artist what is your content?
Mun:  My life what I been thru, what I seen, my influences and of course the streets.
mia:  How long have you been in this profession?
Mun:  Over 8yrs.
mia:  What is your relationship with HipHop and music in general?
Mun:  HipHop is like my lil brother to me. I've seen it grow, change its style, friends and mature over the years.
mia:  What is HipHop to you?
Mun: HipHop to me is what artist like Mos Def, Talib , and The Roots are doing. Oh, and Common!

mia:  Do you think HipHop has a purpose and what?
Mun:  Of course HipHop can change a kids life if it is spoken the rite way.
mia:  Are you influenced by HipHop and why?
Mun:  Yes. Because I feel HipHop can change a lot of things about me for the better.
mia:  When do you think HipHop was born?
Mun:  In the Bronx as it has always been told.
mia:  What is your understanding of the birth of HipHop as a music genre?
Mun: Too high to answer this one, sorry brain fart! lol
mia:  You a fool! Well, how often to you think about HipHop?
Mun:  Errrrrr day I wake up.
mia:  How long do you think HipHop will be around?
Mun: 4eva.
mia:  Do you remember the first HipHop song you heard?
Mun:  Yes. LL Cool J - "I'm Bad"
mia:  How did it make you feel?
Mun:  BAD!!!!!

mia:  What are your 3 most favorite HipHop songs and why?
Mun:  "T.R.O.Y." - Pete Rock & Cl Smooth/Biggie - "Flava In ya Ear" remix/Nas - "If I ruled The World" = They are all a good time in HipHop.
mia:  Who is your favorite HipHop artist and why?
Mun:  For the moment I would have to say Drake besides myself!!! Dude is talented and can shine alone with out Lil Wayne.
mia:  Who is your least favorite HipHop artist and why?
Mun:  I'm cool wit err body. I'll do a song wit you! Oh, I did!! lol
mia:  You a fool! Do you think Rap and HipHop are the same and why?
Mun:  Yeah beacuse its being used in the same form just spoken different.
mia:  What, if any, would you change about HipHop?
Mun: The beef. I feel as tho it seperates artist and stops good callobos.
mia:  Do you think HipHop is used positively or negatively, and why?
Mun: I think its used for whateva u want 2 tell the world about you or what u been thru, either u been thru good or bad or both.

mia:  Why do you think most HipHop videos and songs are filled with stunting, sexism and violence?
Mun: It's the lifestyle artist are trying 2 portey and people for some reason wanna hear about.
mia:  Why do people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds like HipHop?
Mun:  It can speak for them in diff ways, how they feeln, what they been thru, or where they wanna be.
mia:  Do you think HipHop is a global industry and why?
Mun:  HipHop sells everywhere it can b heard or seen, period!
mia:  Do you think HipHop is a commodity, and why?
Mun:  Another too high question!! lol
mia:  What do you think when you hear of people in third-world countries, bumping HipHop?
Mun:  I think im one step closer to my dream.
mia: That's what's up!  Do you think HipHop transcends all languages, cultures and boundaries, and why?
Mun:  Music is a universal language, if it sounds good everybody will luv it.
mia:  Great insight.  Why is HipHop used worldwide to advertise a wide variety of commodities?
Mun:  It's consumers range of all ages and race.
mia:  Do you think HipHop has a negative perception in the media, and why?
Mun:  It can at times but its only so many ways u can use HipHop and get away real heads know whats up!!!!
mia:  Do you think HipHop is under attack, if so why and by what?
Mun:  Yes. By wackness.
mia:  Do you think a person can stay conscious and achieve platinum success?
Mun:  Look @ Common.
mia:  Why do you think is it more difficult for conscious artists to cross over?
Mun: People wanna hear what they are not supposed to hear, i guess lol
mia:  Why do you think it is more difficult for a platinum artist to produce content of value and keep the support of their labels and radio stations?
Mun: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
mia:  Did you or have you ever paid (or received money) to have a song played on the radio/TV? If so, do you think it is right or wrong, a necessity or not and why?
Mun:  Yes i have. it was good because i got a chance to be heard i suppose
mia:  What is your opinion of the “Where Do You Stand: Why Platinum Artists Flee Underground?” series? Have you joined WHWN’s blog, if not why?
Mun: I fukn luv it!!! people wanna read about reall HipHop!!!
mia:  Why did you take out time to complete the survey?
Mun:  Because if I didnt Mia was gonna extra flood my twitter stream and talk bad about my mama!
mia:  ;D So, now the world knows you are crazy...sweet but totally crazy!!! Thanks Big Brauh for the interview.

You can find Mun at Iron Works Entertainment, on Facebook, Twitter at mr_medina, name it and he's there! But you gotta check out his latest hit at TwitTurn called "History."  Don't forget to Bless us with your comments! 

Holla atcha Gurl and let me know what you are thinking?? Stay Blessed!

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