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Friday, June 21, 2013

We Salute Dr. Alan Greene, Winner of the June 2013 WHO'S HOT! Award

Accepting WHO'S HOT! Award at the
Pregnancy Awareness Event, May 5 2013.

Look for Dr. Alan Greene's feature in our July 2013 issue of

WHO'S HOT? & WHO'S NOT! going live on June 28th.  Here is an excerpt of his upcoming feature.

WHWN: What current projects can we expect to see from you?

Dr. Greene:  At I've been answering parents' questions since 1995 - picking from among all the questions that come in those that are most common or that I found most compelling. But I'm turning that around to answer every day the question that gets the most 'likes' by readers - so that if someone feels urgent about their question, or if lots of people care about a question, they have the power to get it answered. I'm very excited about this.

WHWN: What legacy do you want to leave behind?
Dr. Greene: I'd love to be remembered as someone who helped change the way our children are fed. (And changed the way medicine is practiced.)

WHWN: How does winning the WHO'S HOT! award make you feel?  

Dr. Greene: I grinned ear to ear when I heard! feel honored and humbled - and excited about the opportunity to keep spreading the word. And the award itself is gorgeous! Thank you so much.

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