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About WHWN

Our Mission

To congratulate those who try to make our world a better place. Here we spin the idea that ones “HOTNESS” as being determined by what they do to make the lives of people and our Earth – a better place for everyone and everything. It is how one pays it forward to the next that ultimately really matters.
Do You Know Someone or a company WHO'S HOT? Let's Talk. Namaste
Founder, Mia Abdul-Hakeem

What we do at WHWN

        Through the WHO'S HOT? & WHO'S NOT! magazine features, articles, reviews and awards, our mission is to recognize those who dedicate a significant portion of their lives or company resources to helping others. The magazine covers those who are making change and who knows, may even be on the way to earning the coveted WHO'S HOT! award. The awards we present are given to individuals or companies that are consistence in the following areas:

*    The philanthropic activities must be an extension of who
      the person is or what the company represents.
*    Ten or more years of philanthropic service.
*    Have helped or positively touched the lives of others.
*    Demonstrate a continued philanthropic vision.
*    Attempt to reach as many people worldwide as possible.
*    Philanthropy is done not out of a necessity but a true
      desire to help others.

If you know someone or a company that represents these qualities, please contact us.

Kind Regards,

Mia Abdul-Hakeem


  1. I am President of Optimist Youth Homes and Family Services .
    We've been providing services to the youth of Los Angeles and 10 other counties of Southern California for over 107 years, and we are the best kept secret in Los Angeles. We provide residential placement to youth from the county probation departments and are very successful in educating, mental health, and services for these at risk boys and girls.
    Our secrecy is not by design but because of who we serve, their privacy, and the nature of what we do. We want more public awareness of the benefit we give to the youth, their families, as well as the community at large.
    Our graduates and previous residents are continually growing and succeeding in life and many have had good coverage in Los Angeles Times articles. Michaela Pereira has been a strong supporter in the news media and Raquel Welch as well.
    Please look at our web site,, and if you have questions contact me or the agency directly.

    1. We will contact you, thank you for the post!


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