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WHO'S HOT! Awards

2013 AWARDS:

JUNE 2013 Award:
We salute Dr. Alan Greene for his efforts to White Out America Now!  He has a lifelong commitment to helping better the nutritional lives of all children and families.  In his book, "Feeding Baby Green," he shows how easy it is to have mom start eating healthy before conception by removing all white processed foods from her diet then continue through pregnancy and continuing on throughout the baby's life and development into healthy eating habits as adults and hopefully beyond to their children.

 May 2013 Awards:  
Who hasn't heard of the Sears family and their great works that began with the father, Dr. William "Bill" Sears.  Penning over 30 books, Dr. Bill reinvented what it was meant to be a mother by either authoring or co-authoring over 30 books in what has become known as the "Sears Parenting Library."  He and his wife, Martha, are one of the pioneers of what has become known as attachment parentingAs of 2009, Sears lives with his family in San Clemente, California, and operates a private medical practice (Sears Family Pediatrics) in Capistrano Beach, California with his sons.


 Continuing in his father's legacy is Dr. Robert "Bob" Sears whose pediatric work includes co-authoring in the Sears Parenting Library.  His works also include a combination of alternative and traditional medical care.  His latest book, "The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child" is comprehensive in covering the vaccine decisions parents are making today.  All you have to do is JUST ASK DR. BOB!








2012 AWARDS:

Ex-drug kingpin "Freeway" Ricky Ross has earned an award for living the life he promised decades ago by mentoring inner city children.  His continued dedication to rebuilding those very communities he was once responsible for tearing down, he is educating the youth by steering them away from what society today glorifies, large living by pushing sex and drugs through the images presented by the Hip Hop and Rap music cultures today.  He is attempting to reclaim his moniker as "Freeway Ricky"  from one of the largest Hip Hop artists, Rick Ross, who's currently using it to promote destruction to the youth.  This battle is ongoing... 
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